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W A T E R   C O O L E D   B L

Water cooled series is similar in construction and performance except in the change of cooling arrangement. In water cooled blower the plates have water jackets around them where water is circulated, which dissipates the heat of compression generated and keeps internals cool.

Water cooled blowers are recommended for application where discharge pressure exceeds 6000 mm WG since it is essential to dissipate heat for efficient working and long life of the bearings and oil seals. Our water cooled blower available for discharge capacities upto 7000 m³/hr and pressure upto 1 kg/cm² through single-staging.


  • 100% oil free air delivery
  • High efficiency twin-lobe rotor, low pulsation, and quiet running.
  • Hardened teeth face for precision spur timing gears, and taper-lock shaft mounting.
  • Over sized cylindrical roller bearings .
  • Low vibration.
  • Grease lubricating for driving side, oil lubricating for gear side.
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations available.
  • Air cooling.
  • Large inlet and outlet connections for minimum loss.
  • Improved volumetric efficiency and reduced operating temp.
  • Alloy steel toughened shafts ground to close tolerances.
  • Dynamically balanced rotor shaft assembly.

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